We engaged Creative Building Services last year (based on recommendations from numerous people) to successfully manage the development and construction of our new residence in Yarralumla.

Building a home can be a traumatic experience especially for novices such as ourselves, but we are happy to confirm that this has not been the case. We found the Creative Building Services team, led by John Katsanevakis, to be reassuring and helpful, displaying outstanding initiative in managing all expectations.

It has been particularly pleasing that they were able to build our new home within a tight time schedule, overcoming a number of hurdles and maintaining costs in line with the budget.

The Creative Building Services Team offer a service which is quite unique in that they were able to provide solutions and not problems during the construction phase.

We have found John, Joe and Alan Martin to be individuals with high integrity and morals, at all times conducting themselves in a highly professional manner and showing great patience and thoughtfulness during the construction phase. They are definitely a team that I would like to do business with again in the future.

For our family this move represents a new era and the final stage of our relocation back to the Canberra Region. I am proud to say that the response from all members of my family has been overwhelmingly positive with regards to our new home.

John and his team have demonstrated extremely high standards, delivering a home beyond our expectations. They have successfully provided us with a creative and dynamic environment to live in taking into consideration the different facets of our lifestyle.

I have no hesitation in recommending Creative Building Services for the construction of your new home.



As an engineer I am exposed to builders on a daily basis, and I work with some very, very good builders.

When it came to building my own family home I felt John Katsanevakis from Creative Building Service was one who offered the whole package – honesty, creativity, quality and practicality. He has exemplary building talents and an enviable reputation to go with them, yet he is a humble man to deal with. As his client, John listened very carefully to our needs and wants throughout all stages. There were no unexpected surprises from John, just client satisfaction.



If you want the project done on time, on budget and to the highest quality, simply call John Katsanevakis.

In simple terms, John will never let you down. He’ll walk you through every stage of the process, offering suggestions including ways to save substantially while never compromising on your dreams.

It’s not often you meet someone with the skills and status of John combined with humility and a genuine desire to please. He’s outstanding.
We love our new home and we enjoyed the adventure that resulted in our perfect residence.



When we were planning to build our O’Malley Units, someone we trusted enormously recommended John Katsanevakis, from Creative Building Services.
We were told John was a man of integrity who always delivered on his promises. Naturally we made some further enquiries and discovered John had an outstanding reputation.

We engaged Creative Building Services for the O’Malley units and they are very special, in fact I wouldn’t mind living in one myself.
John Katsanevakis certainly is a man of integrity, and this trait, combined with tremendous talent delivers a rare breed. I can’t imagine ever finding a better builder anywhere.



When it came to rebuilding our Church after the devastating fires, we engaged John Katsanevakis from Creative Building Services.
It’s a decision we have never regretted for a minute.

We had a fixed budget but we were uncertain as to precisely how much it would cost to build exactly what was needed. We had to have the ability to make changes to the building finish, fit out and external works without incurring variation costs. John never took advantage of this, on the contrary, he delivered more space and better fittings than we ever thought would be possible with our budget. An excellent example of John’s integrity and co-operation was that we could afford to seal the 138 car carpark without exceeding our budget, which originally included a gravel carpark.

It was obvious while working with John that his aim is to always deliver the best possible balance, regardless of budget. He is always looking to maximise the budget and his focus on his client is beyond measure.

At the end of the process we were absolutely over-the-moon and would never consider using anyone else but John Katsanavakis from Creative Building Services.



Generally when you ask around about builders, you get mixed reactions. However when I made enquiries before building our home, one name just kept coming up again and again – that name was John Katsanevakis. Needless to say I engaged John and his Creative Building Services’ team to build our home.
My wife Anna and I absolutely loved the journey from initial discussions with John right through every stage of the building process. We assumed there’d be a few hiccups along the way, how wrong we were, John is not only a very talented individual he is also renowned for his truthfulness and reliability. If I were ever to build again the choice of builder would be a no brainer. There’s no-one better than John Katsanevakis and his Creative Building Services team.



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